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Bopathella waterfall
The Bopath Falls cascades in the shape of a bo (Ficus religiosa) tree (hence its name) and is the most comprehensively studied fall in Sri Lanka. Its source is the Kurugana River that later joins the Kaluganga River at Kurugaomaodara.The average temperature of the area is 26.9 - 27.8 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall of the fall’s catchment area is 5080mm. The mean speed of the flow is 6 cubic metres per second. The upper reach of the fall is made up of granite and biotite virin, and is covered by sand. The water from the fall irrigates the paddy fields of the Udakada and Kuruwita areas.

TheThis fall, due to its sheer drop of 241m, is the highest in the whole of Sri Lanka. Set amid an evergreen forest, it is formed by the Uduweriya Haputale mountains’ Kuda Oya (river), a tributary of the Walawe River. It cascades in a torrent (especially in the wet season) from a rocky outcrop into a deep, basin-like pool. To the left of the fall, centuries of wind and rain have formed what is said to resemble two embracing lovers out of the rock.

Bambarakanda Falls is situated in the Badulla District, Handumulla PC. From the Colombo - Badulla highway, turn left for Weerakoon village and continue for 5km to the fall. The terrain is relatively difficult, so a four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Belihul Oya rest-house is 18km away, and Koslanda rest-house is 27km. World’s End, another of Sri Lanka’s major natural tourist attractions, is just 18km away.

This is considered to be one of the most enchanting falls in Sri Lanka and is in close proximity to Badulla town. The water resembles a thin cloud as it cascades 63m downwards into a large pool. The backdrop to the fall is known as ‘Dunhinda Adaviya’. ‘Dunhinda’ translates to ’spraying/vapour waterfall’ - the word ‘dun’ means ‘gave/was given’, while ‘hinda’ means ‘evaporate’.

both native and foreign visitors. On the approach to the fall, there are a large number of unauthorized pitches put up by traders. Visitors who patronize these stalls often carelessly throw away rejected food, polythene and other refuse on the site surrounding the fall. To aggravate the problem, illicit logging is carried out in the reserve causing an environmental nightmare. Urgent conservational measures are required. Dunhinda Falls is 5km from Badulla town and from the main highway it is a tortuous 1km walk. The Ella rest-house is 29km away.

Bakers Waterfalls
Baker's waterfall is one of very beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka.
This waterfalls is height about 22 meters. It is very beautiful because in various corners we can see various sceneries. The waterfall like steps, In top side we can see a pool and this point fall divide more than thousand of parts and made beautiful scenery in middle of the fall. Below the middle of fall there has another waterfall. It also very beautiful. Include all things and fall become the most beautiful waterfallin Sri Lanka.

There has the tree which inside of Baker's Waterfall. It gives more valuable to fall. You can't take a photo without this tree. This fall is situate at Horton plains If you travel to visit Worlds End via Horton plains don't miss to visit this place. Some person has missed to visit this place because they don't think there has very beautiful and very big this type of waterfall. How we believe this.
Bakers waterfall is Not a one and only waterfall of Horton plains. It is a most beautiful waterfall of Horton plains. Don't bath at this waterfall. You can travel any season of the year to this. You can camping at inside of Horton plains. First you should get permission from wild life department of Colombo.
Some young go to bath in this place and they lost there valuable life. Mr. Samuwel Bakers who is British hunter had come to this place at 1845 AD. There fore this waterfall identifies Bakers waterfalls. There is a deep hole at the middle of this waterfall. There fore don't try to bath in this waterfall because many young's are dead at this place.

Dhuwili Waterfalls

Dhuwili Ella of Balangoda Sri Lanka is a very high and a beautiful waterfall in Sri Lanka. Dhuwili Ella is at Kalthota which is Hambegambuwa road of Balangoda. There are about 27 kilometeres from Balangoda town and you have to walk 3kms from Kalthota. Dhuwili Ella is situated at below of Samanala Wawa Wally. Samanala Wawa means Wally which is like a butterfly. Main entrance of Samanala Wewa is at Belihuloya and Pambahinna. Samanala Wawa is situated at 8km Distance from Sabaragamuwa University. University of Sabaragamuwa Sri Lanka is also at Kumbalgama road which is direct to Samanala Wawa. Dhuwili Ella waterfall is very beautiful and large amount of water falls down from it every second. There fore not suitable to bath at this waterfall. Belihuloya has the No.01 in World pure waterways. There are many sub waterfalls at this region. Denagama, Denagamoya, Imbulpe, Uggala Kalthota and Uggal Aluth Nuwara are some other places seen at this region.How to get thereYou can reach Dhuwili Waterfalls from Balangoda - Kalthota road. 27 Km from Balangoda.

Diyaluma Fall
this is the third highest fall in Sri Lanka. The torrent of water cascades down to the Koslande Plateau and during rain it is a spectacular sight. Sadly, this enchanting fall visible from the Koslande highway may disappear due to frequent landslides. On one side of the fall the land is covered in deciduous plants. Wildlife found in the area include lizards. The fall is located along the Koslande - Welawaya road in the Badulla District. Koslanda is the nearest town to the fall, 6km away, and Welawaya is 13km away.

Devon Waterfall
Devon waterfall of Sri Lanka is one of very beautiful waterfall of Sri Lanka and which is situated at Thalawakale of Sri Lanka. This falls is high above 1159m from sea level. This falls at between Thalawakele and Hatton and situated at about 7km from Thalawakele town. This waterfall is height about 98m. Easily view this waterfall from main road (A7) of Thalawakele to Hatton. .
Devon waterfall is at Pathana area of Thalawakele and very closed to St. Clair waterfall. Mlesna tea center is at closed to Devon waterfalls and there are no more rest places at Thalawakele place.
There are two main view points at A7 road of Thalawakele. Lower view point is special because both St.clair and Devon falls can be viewed from same place. In Railway viewing point is at Watagoda place which is at 10km from Thalawakele to Nanuoya side.
Devon is very beautiful waterfall and don't dirt this place

This very popular 129m fall is thought to derive its name from the presence of iron ore (laksha) in the rocks over which the water flows.
The fall was said to house a labyrinth of tunnels, one of which still exists. Superstitious villagers tell how during Halloween, a golden melon bobs up and down in the water.

The Laksapana Reservoir, where the fall is found, is used by power stations at New Laksapana, Canyon and Polpitye Samanala resulting in a certain amount of water depletion. A number of villages including Laksapana, Pathana, Kiriwaneliya, Muruthatenna, Kottalena, Hunugala and Belumgala surround the fall.
The fall is 660m above sea level in the Nuwara Eliya Ambagamuwa Korale at the Ginigathhena Divisional Secretariat. The most convenient route is the Hatton - Maskeliya road. Take this road for 18km from Hatton, where a footpath leads down past the Pathana village to the fall. Alternatively, take the Laksapana road from the Kaluganga River junction for 14km to the Laksapana Temple. The fall is just 2.5km from here. The closest town is Ginigathhena, and the hotels of Dick Oya are 50km away

St. Clair Waterfall
St. Clair waterfalls is at Thalawakele Sri Lanka. It is very beautiful and wide waterfall of Sri Lanka. Some tell that St. Clair as little Niagara. St. Clair has several stairs. St. Clair is at St. Clai estate of Thalawakele. There fore waterfall also identified as St. Clai. Devon waterfalls also at closed to this waterfall. St. Clai is at 4km from Thalawakele town to Hatton road. There are main view points at main road although you can go down to the tea estate for beautiful views. This falls can be viewed clearly on the railway also. Some tourists visit this waterfall on the way to Nuwaraeliya.

Ravana waterfall

Ravana waterfalls is one of very beautiful of Sri Lanka and which is situated at Badulla district and you can visit it Near Ella place. This waterfall is situated near the Bandarawela-Wallawawaya road. When you travel along this way you can see nice waterfall called Ravana falls.
Ravana means ancient story of India and Sri Lanka. We can identify that this fall also has long history. Without special reason the name isn't kept. There fore we can't think that Ravana falls hasn't long history.
Middle of the Ravana fall there is a tunnel. People cant though it but in King Walagamba's time they might through it. Some people tried to through it although they couldn't get permission. Near Ravana falls there is a Temple called Dova Temple. This temple also has same tunnel. Some says that those tunnels are not two those are only one. Some says that there are tunnel system to protect king and others. Various places of Badulla district has these type of tunnels. Dova Temple was made by King Walagamba in 13th Century.
Dowa king Walagmba ancient Temple and there were very secret tunnel system at between those places. In now some tunnels are there. Through the tunnels is some what dangerous.
Dova Perahara at every year to Kumbalwela and Bandarawela.

Ramboda waterfall

Ramboda waterfalls is situated at Ramboda of Nuwaraeliya district of Sri Lanka. Ramboda is at between Nuwaraeliya and Gampola towns. There are about 35km to Ramboda from Gampola town. Ramboda waterfall is at downside of the main road and it cannot see from the main road. You should you down to the main road at Ramboda bridge of Nuwaraeliya Kandy main road and then you can visit the Ramboda waterfall. Ramboda waterfall is not a single waterfall and it has two staires. Up side of the main road of Ramboda place, There is a another waterfall. Most of tourist dismiss the waterfall and they visit up side waterfall and go away. But dont forget to visit Ramboda main waterfall at downside of the Ramboda of Nuwaraeliya Sri Lanka.

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